3D Printed small synthesizer stand

by John Olsson

I have two smaller pieces of music gear, the Erica synths DB-01 BASSLINE and the Roland TR-6S drum machine, that I want to keep near to each other in my setup. The midi, audio and power connectors extrude quite far off the back of the devices and make the setup messy. I created a very simple 3d printed stand that fits any of the devices and creates enough offset for the cable of the other device to run underneath.

Synthesizer stand

The stand comprises two identical sides which can be screwed together with a piece of wood and a couple of screws and nuts. This also makes the width of the stand simple to adapt to other small synthesizers.

Two sides with a piece of wood between them

The print is simple and turned out quite well! With the default slicer settings for my printer it took about an hour to complete the print.

A little less visible cable mess!


Download the model and feel free to modify as you like. The original was made in Autodesk Fusion 360 which can be used free for non-commercial projects.

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