Hi, I'm John!

This is my homepage.


Hi and welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m a software developer living in Stockholm, Sweden. I created my first homepage as a kid back in 1993 and have had an online presence ever since. This is the latest incarnation of the page where I hope to collect small posts and updates around projects and things I find interesting.

I studied computer science at Link√∂ping university and started my first company in parallel with my final years, doing small software projects for clients. I begun my career as a Lisp developer which suited my interest in functional programming. After a couple of years I started doing contract work through various companies. I did have the role as consultant manager for a Stockholm based consultant company but soon realized that managing people and maintaining a network of clients is something that other people do way better. As of now I’m a freelancing software developer through my newly founded company Relativistic.

If I find some time I enjoy dabbling with game development or even go outside for some fishing! On Sundays I go to the Church of Emacs.


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